The Physical Effects of Anabolic Steroid Abuse

Steroids work. It is naive to overlook the efficacy of steroids in building muscle. Steroids increase physical endurance, muscle bulk and strength. In one cycle alone anabolic steroids may increase the user’s weight by several pounds, most of which is represented by muscle.

Many of the effects of steroids are obvious and fairly immediate. These include a rapid rise in muscle bulk and acne. But the more worrying effects are well hidden, and these may not manifest themselves until much later in life. As a result, it is easy for steroid users to dismiss warnings of medical dangers. In an understandable effort to dissuade people from using steroids, some of the medical dangers have been exaggerated. For example, there have been a few cases of liver cancer caused by megadosing on steroids, but the average steroid user is unlikely to know anyone suffering from this effect. As a result of these true but exaggerated warnings, there is a real danger that all the warnings will be dismissed as sanctimonious bunkum.

Anabolic steroid may have bad effects on liver, especially for anabolic steroid that is taken orally. There has been extensive study on the effect of anabolic steroid to liver. It is known that anabolic steroid usage has decrease the excretory function of liver. It may also cause hepatic peliosis, a liver degeneration that results in fatal bleeding due cystic rupture. There are also reports on benign and malign tumors on liver after excessive anabolic steroid usage. As mentioned in, there is strong proof that the tumor is caused by 17-alpha-alkyl group contained in anabolic steroid.

There are two limitations in persuading men to avoid steroids by such information. First, many of the serious physical effects take time to develop, and most of us make decisions in life based on short-term, not long-term, goals. Second, some but not all of the serious effects are rare. If you start to take steroids and find you haven’t gone bald, you begin to doubt the medical advice. The fact is that steroids can produce serious side effects, but many people escape them. The emotional effects of steroids can be far more immediate and serious.

According to, If you take a look at a female steroid user, the natural curves have become really straight, her physical body is very defined, and her bosoms have atrophied, meaning they’ve diminished in size and have degenerated. Virilization is happening, or she’s acquiring manly character traits. Her physical structure is now keeping a lot more sodium, so her facial expression and eyes may look puffy. Over time, a female will acquire a masculine torso type and go through male aging features. A female’s voice deepens and may permanently become gruff. She will get excessive hair development on her face, breast, back, and upper pubic spot, but she also may experience masculine type baldness (phalacrosis) and get a receding hairline.