Steroid Abuse Affecting All of Baseball

Well another one bites the dust. Yes David Ortiz the drug crazed lunatic seeking a little more “scratch” has imbibed, and to no surprise. but wait…will he make to the HOF (Hall of Fame)? Of course, along with A-Rod and Mark and Miguel…list is getting long isn’t it? More names will be added very soon!

The question of many is did the influence of performance enhancing drugs play a key role in the WS 2004 and 2007? Shall we investigate?

David Ortiz well actually David Arias (yes he was the player to be named later) played 6 seasons for the Minnesota Twins and amassed a mere 58 home runs. High School players produce more than that and in only four years and 100 games. the Red Sox saw something but what could it be? Acquiring Ortiz was thought to be a very smart move on behalf of the front office, however now, with recent allegations, many have a different opinion. Could it be to make his Dominican presence a stabilizing factor to the other crazed drug fiend already present on the team, Mr. Manny Ramirez?

Could it be they saw a youngster who really wasn’t good at all trying to make a mark in the national pastime and could easily be coerced into steroids thus earning them a trip to the WS after so long? Make up your own mind.

• 200; 41 Homeruns, 139 RBI’s (runs batted in) pretty good! he put on the Boston garb in 2003, when steroids became an issue, and already has more Homeruns and RBI’s then he had in six years. Are the questions beginning to surface yet? Oh there’s more. suspended for five games that year for throwing bats onto the field and almost plunking some umps. “Roid Rage?”

Postseason stats? .400 BA (Batting Average), 5 HR, 19 RBI’S. earmarked by the joining forces with Manny

• 2005; 47 HR, 148 RBI’S with a HR in postseason. Getting better David.

• 2006; 54 HR (Red Sox Record) ,137 RBI’s, most walk off hits

but by far the most interesting year was the second red sox world series of this decade;

• 2007 ;David batted .382 for the year, 111 RBI’s, and 35 HR, was awarded another Silver Slugger award, voted an All Star, was the fourth place vote getter in the MVP race which two players above him are in the “Roid Mobile” as well.

Postseason put him solidly in the greats category. Batted .714 in American League Division Series (ALDS) and had two homeruns, a dinger against Cleveland in the ALCS (American League Championship Series), and four RBI’s in Bostons sweep over Colorado in the WS (World Series)

Now we have to hear his excuse for taking PEDS (Performance Enhancing Drugs) on at Yankee Stadium. Can be any more dramatic David? The attention you’re bringing to yourself is erroneous! How come not the first day David?

Say it so Big Papi?