Mark McGwire Steroids Story Not Shocking

The Mark McGwire steroids story doesn’t seem to be surprising many people. Broadcasters, bloggers and writers across the country are not shocked that Mark McGwire did steroids.

If you haven’t heard, Mark McGwire admitted his steroid use today. He came clean. The McGwire steroids story seems just like the other stories where athletes have admitted steroid use. This story is, however, different for many reasons. It’s also the same old story we’ve heard repeatedly during this baseball so called steroids era.

Mark McGwire waited a long time to admit his use. I personally think it’s great that he came clean and admitted his steroid use.The problem is that the general consensus around baseball and baseball fans was the McGwire steroids use was a done deal a long time ago. Everyone knew it. Nobody thought he’d ever come clean about it.
Mark McGwire was the one big star most people thought did steroids but believed they would never have it confirmed.

Sammy Sosa and Barry Bonds were also obvious names that were tossed around when it came to steroid use. People just assumed that Mark McGwire was in the same company. People seemed to just acknowledge that McGwire did steroids even if he said he didn’t or had never previously admitted it. It was something that was just accepted in the baseball fan world.

Why was it allowed to happen? Sammy Sosa and Mark McGwire put on one of the most fascinating shows ever with a home run chase that would have stood for ages. Now that has been tarnished. We all watched as two superhero like athletes made hitting a baseball out of the park look simple yet so magical. For a while, we were all like little kinds in a candy store once again. Still something just wasn’t right. The majority of people were well aware of what was happening or had their clues. Still we watched and let it go just like a MLB commissioner who stood by and let it put baseball back up on it’s pedestal. At what cost?

Now baseball is tarnished more than a WWE wrestling match. Fans don’t know what to believe when they watch with their own eyes. Maybe some fans don’t care as long as the home team hits a few dingers. Maybe it’s only an issue when a guy from the opposing team pays a visit and launches 3 home runs out. The sad thing is that it never should have been allowed to happen. Baseball needed a hero. Baseball definitely didn’t need this.
The game is still the game and somewhere on down the line fans will hopefully look back at some of the memories with a good feeling. Somehow maybe we’ll be able to get past the steroid era. It’s almost as if someone told you there was no Santa Claus and you never even had dreamed of the possibility.

What if you woke up tomorrow and someone told you there was no Mark McGwire and Sammy Sosa home run duel? It never really happened or what we had been led to believe was all based on performance enhancing drugs. That truth is a bit hard to swallow even though it never really shocked us to begin with that any of these athletes were linked to steroids.

The toughest part is most baseball fans watch games to feel like a kid again. Then something like this Mark McGwire steroid story comes out and just crushes your magical memories into little pieces of gravel.
It’s tough to accept even though most weren’t shocked by Mark McGwire admitting his steroid use.
The moment was good and everything sports is supposed to be about. Baseball was on a natural high that turned out to be not so natural at all. We all kind of stood by and watched and enjoyed the moment anyway.