Hyperemesis Gravidarum : Morning Sickness on Steroid

The bouts of nausea would wash over me like a flood, my body would go weak and my eyes dark. It was almost as if someone gave me a right hand uppercut and I was down for the count. Finding out I was two months pregnant and not in the best of circumstances was enough to tax my mind. Having to go through Hyperemesis Gravidarum was an added burden that taxed both my mind and body.

The bathroom became my closest friend. The kids some distant relatives who were left to fend for themselves, A cooked meal was a thing of the past, Only necessary things such as school and work uniforms and underwear’s were laundered. The house hadn’t been cleaned for weeks.

The vomiting was out of control. As I was done one round and got up to leave it would start again. A mixture of things I couldn’t decipher since I hadn’t eaten, but most of it just green. I couldn’t understand why I was throwing up so much . I had gone through two previous pregnancies and my body did not react this way.

The green stuff was bitter and horrible, I later found out it was bile. It would flow from my mouth like a pipe fully turned on. I couldn’t eat. I had tried all the usual, the dry crackers, ginger, nothing worked. I couldn’t drink water or tea. There was nothing I ate that stayed down. It’s like HG and I were playing a cat and mouse game. I’d try to eat to see if it would stay down, unfortunately HG would always win because it never did.

Life was hell! I couldn’t function at work. My days became nothing but a lull. I spent most of my time in the bathroom throwing up, so I just stayed their laying on the couch, completely oblivious to what was going on around me. One of the rare moments I was at my desk, I threw up in my garbage bin with three other people in the office. I felt so ashamed walking out with a bin full of vomit. Hyperemesis Gravidarum can take a serious toll on your pride.

Physically I was losing weight quicker than you could say weight loss. At two months pregnant I weighed 165 lbs. and at five months I was at 143. My doctor kept telling me “oh it’s just morning sickness,It’ll pass soon” I wanted to clobber him. I found myself a new doctor when things took a turn for the worse.

I had reached the end and really thought I was going to die. A friend took me to a new doctor. He immediately wanted to send me to the hospital, my baby was in danger of being malnourished and i could go into premature labor, but I protested. My urine, as little as there was, was dark orange. I was dehydrated and weak. He treated me right there. I spent almost three hours getting fluids through an IV, two injections, Zantac to help with the stomach burn and Gravol 50mg to ease the vomiting …just for the night.

I went through 8 boxes of Gravol Suppositories, with twenty in a box and countless pills, their names I can’t pronounce. I drank endless amounts of coconut water and gatorade to replace lost fluids.

At six months pregnant I bid HG good-bye.Today I have a beautiful two month old baby boy who was worth every moment.