A-Rod Steroid Scandal: Rodriguez Tested Positive in 2003

Alex Rodriguez has always been a private guy and a guy whose play has been affected by the amount of scrutiny that is placed upon him.

Now, he’s going to have deal with more attention and scrutiny than ever before in his career after ESPN reported A-Rod tested positive for steroids in 2003 during his MVP season with the Texas Rangers.

A-Rod to Be Traded by Yankees?

At this point Alex Rodriguez’s trade value considering his massive salary has to be about as low as it’s ever been and the Yankees might have to release him.

His play will probably suffer and the media spotlight (or should i say circus) will probably be absolutely unbearable at times.

The A-Rod steroid scandal has the potential to be even bigger than Barry Bonds because A-Rod is such a quiet, unassuming guy who has at least tried to be nice to the media unlike Bonds.

It casts an even bigger cloud of suspicion over the rest of MLB now and will even further taint a lot of the records that have recently been set in baseball.

Maybe historians will have to view this era completely differently than others and just call it the “steroid era.”